About RHA

Our History

RHA traces its roots back to the late 1950’s when Men’s Inter-Hall Council (MIHC) got its start as NAU’s first resident oriented organization. Due to its restriction to men, in 1983, the female residents formed the Association of University Residence Halls (AURH), which was open to all on campus residents. AURH eventually adopted MIHC and they both continued to represent students living on campus. In 2007, AURH changed their name to Residence Hall Association in order to better match other similar organizations across the country.

Why are we here?

Residence Hall Association is built to provide:

  • Leadership opportunities
  • Campus and residence hall activities
  • Financial assistance with programs
  • Recognition for outstanding efforts
  • Liaisons between residents and campus entities
  • Community
  • Love for the on-campus experience

Where does the money come from?

Money is provided to RHA by the residents. A small portion of money paid for housing by every student is given to RHA to sponsor their budget and the many activities and purposes of RHA.