SAP Appeal Forms and Information

Please read all instructions before proceeding to SAP Appeal forms

Students with a SAP suspended status can submit a SAP appeal to reinstate financial aid eligibility if extenuating circumstances prevented him/her from making satisfactory academic progress.  SAP Appeals will be reviewed by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid committee.  Submitting an appeal does not guarantee approval of financial aid eligibility reinstatement.

Every SAP Appeal must include the following:

  • SAP Appeal Form: Students are required to list which SAP standard(s) they are not meeting.  Students may refer to the ‘To Do List’ section on the LOUIE Student Center to obtain this information.  
  • Personal Statement: Students are required to submit a typed personal statement addressing the following (if circumstances covered more than one semester, address each semester that SAP standards were not met):
    • What extenuating circumstances prevented you from making satisfactory academic progress?
    • How did the circumstances affect your academic performance?
    • How has your situation changed, and what specific steps are you taking to ensure future success and make progress toward your degree/certificate according to SAP standards?
  • Supporting Documentation: Students are required to submit supporting documentation that substantiate circumstances including, but not limited to: statements from physician or health care provider, court documents, birth/death certificates, obituaries, third- party statements or any other relevant documentation.  Please do not send original documents as they will not be returned.
  • Unofficial Transcript: Students are required to provide a current copy of their NAU unofficial academic transcript.  This may be obtained at the student’s NAU LOUIE Student Center.  
  • Academic Plan Form: Required for students approaching or exceeding SAP Maximum Time Frame.  Students must make arrangements to meet with their academic advisor to determine remaining courses required for graduation and agree upon an academic plan.