Core Values and Mission

Core Values of the Health Sciences Department

Excellence in Education

We are committed to providing outstanding instruction and innovations for the advancement of high-quality education in the health sciences.

Service, Caring, and Empathy

We encourage generosity in providing service to advance our university and to promote the health and well-being of the communities we serve. In addition, we are committed to providing service to the health sciences professions at state, national, and international levels. We value efforts to understand those we serve and encourage expressions of kindness and compassion.


We value research, discovery, and such scholarly activities as the scholarship of teaching and learning. We believe that professional writing, presentations at professional conferences, and efforts to obtain external grant funding are important and worthwhile activities for health sciences faculty members.

Freedom of Expression and Mutual Respect

We value an atmosphere in which all may express their opinions. We value freedom of expression and the free exchange of ideas. We value the spirit of mutual respect in relationships with students, faculty, administrators, and people in the communities we serve. We value collegiality, courteousness, teamwork, collaboration, cooperation, and civil and respectful communications.


We are committed to adhering to our professional standards of ethics. In all endeavors, we value honesty among peers and students.

Mission of the Health Sciences Department

To prepare graduates for careers and graduate study in public health, allied health, fitness wellness, speech-language sciences and disorders, and for P-12 teacher certification in physical education.
  • Goal 1: To provide high-quality, learner-centered residential and distance learning education in health sciences to include educational partnerships / collaborations.
  • Goal 2: To support and promote the recruitment, admission, retention to graduation of health sciences students.
  • Goal 3: To foster an educational environment that values diversity, cultivates collaboration and promotes service to the university and broader community.
  • Goal 4: To engage in scholarly activities which enhance health promotion and disease prevention and support academic programs.
Note: Each year specific measurable objectives are set for each goal to facilitate progress towards these goals.

Health Sciences Physical Education Program
Teacher Education Mission and Vision Statement

Developing educational leaders who create tomorrow's opportunities.
Developing competent and committed professionals who will make positive differences for children, young adults, and others in schools.