Faculty Resources

Hand-drawing movie links from the CENE 180 project can be found on You-Tube.

Below are CECMEE- and CENE-specific policies.  See the College Faculty Resources page and the Provost's Academic Personnel page for additional useful information.

CECMEE Policy on Academic Integrity

Academic Dishonesty Reporting Form
Please read the policy above so that you properly use the form!  (Within 5 days and check for priors w/ Chair)

Administrative Drop Policy
If a student fails to attend class during the first week of classes, you should also administratively drop them, especially when team projects start immediately.  Students are aware of this policy and are expected to plan travel with sufficient contingency so that travel delays do not affect class attendance.  For instructions on how to administratively drop a student, click here.

APR Form
Expedited Review Form
CENE Assessment and Continuous Improvement Protocol

2016-2019 PAD Data Collection Schedule

CECMEE COFS - found in the R drive folder.