Teaching Opportunities

The Asian Studies minor has been used by many students as preparation for teaching English in Asia.  Many organizations provide such opportunities, including the following:

Japan Exchange and Teaching Program

Sponsored by the Japanese government to attract English speakers as assistant teachers in Japan's junior and senior high schools.  JET teachers work under supervision of a fully certified teacher.  Call toll free: (800) INFO-JET or visit www.jetprogramme.org.

Reach to Teach

Reach to Teach is a free ESL Teacher Placement Agency that works with schools in Taiwan, Korea, China, and the United Arab Emirates to send participants overseas to teach English students.They provide plenty of information about the various countries and programs available. For information call (201) 467-4612 or visit http://reachtoteachrecruiting.com/.

Transitions Abroad

Transitions Abroad has an excellent guide about understanding, finding,and applying for teaching jobs in several Asian nations. The guide also includes a long list of resources for each individual nation that they compiled information about. If interested, visit http://www.transitionsabroad.com/listings/work