Bachelor of Science in Women’s and Gender Studies

What does “interdisciplinary” mean?

Interdisciplinarity means to combine two or more fields into one discipline. An interdisciplinary field crosses boundaries and bridges gaps between traditional methods, thoughts, and fields. Interdisciplinary student scholars are creative innovators that form their own fields to meet the needs of a changing society.

So what does this mean for the Women’s and Gender Studies Program?

The Women's and Gender Studies (WGS) Program encourages you to grow as an interdisciplinary thinker by providing core courses steeped in broad methods and theories and allowing you to take courses across different established disciplines that focus on women or gender. These varied courses will inform you of other schools of thought that can be applied or improved by women’s and gender studies’ methodologies. For more information regarding this major, click here.

Courses can focus on topics such as:

  • women and film
  • women writers
  • women and politics
  • women in other cultures
  • women and history 
  • gender and communication
  • gender and violence 
  • gender and nature
  • masculinities 
  • queer artists and writers
  • sexualities and race 
  • global feminisms

Whatever you are interested in, find your unique course of study.


Here are a few tips for students thinking about majoring in Women's and Gender Studies. And please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


Be aware that some courses required for your degree may have prerequisites, courses which must be taken before another course. Check all course descriptions to find out. (You may be able to count some prerequisites toward your liberal studies or general elective credit.)

Hour requirements

Please note that the university requires 120 hours for this degree even if some courses fill multiple requirements. Also, at least 30 hours must be upper-division courses (those with course ID numbers higher than 300).

Choosing a minor

In consultation with your adviser, choose a minor that's appropriate for your career aspirations and educational needs. Your minor adviser will advise you about this part of your academic program.

Declare soon

Be sure to declare your women's and gender studies major before completing 12 hours of the requirements. We encourage you to consult with someone in our program every semester to ensure that your course of study is ideal for you.

General electives

Use the general elective requirements to pursue your specific interests and goals. An adviser can help you select appropriate courses. You might also be able to use prerequisites or transfer credits as electives if they aren't used to meet major, minor or liberal studies requirements.