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ResNet, or Residential Network, provides high-speed Ethernet and wireless connections to every student living in the residence halls of Northern Arizona University. The network is secured and protected by Impulse Point's SafeConnect program.

SafeConnect is a network access control program that focuses on higher education by creating a more secure and reliable network, auto-detecting mobile and gaming devices, and ensuring that every student can connect to the network quickly and easily. SafeConnect ensures that every computer has an anti-virus installed and that each computer is fully updated with the newest system updates.

SafeConnect Requirements: 

  • Personal routers are no longer allowed on the ResNet Network. We also highly recommend that residents disable the wireless capabilities of their printers and use a USB cable to connect to their printers. These will help to increase ResNet wireless performance. 
  • Windows and Macintosh users must have the SafeConnect Policy Key installed.
  • Computers running a Windows operating system must have all required system updates.
  • You must have an updated anti-virus program installed on your computer.
Most internet-capable devices are supported on the ResNet network. Some of these devices include: computers (Mac, Windows, or Linux operating systems), gaming consoles, DVRs, internet TVs, tablets, wi-fi enabled iPods, and wi-fi enabled cell phones. However, ResNet does not support operating systems below Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 and below Mac OS X 10.6. Additionally, 802.11b wireless devices are not supported on the ResNet network. 

Update:  Windows XP support will be completely discontinued as of August 11, 2014

Update: The Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus program is no longer supported on ResNet.

How to Request

Find out how to setup the ResNet connection (wired or wireless) in your dorm room. 

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