Cost of attendance

The cost of attending a university is more than just tuition and fees—it also includes books, room and board, transportation expenses, and more. Here are some estimated budgets to help you further understand the costs to attend Northern Arizona University.

Undergraduate Students

2014-15 Incoming Class
Pre-2014-2015 Pledge Incoming Class
2013-14 Incoming Class
2012-13 Incoming Class
2011-12 Incoming Class 

Undergraduates – Non-Pledge Continuing Students 14-15
Undergraduates – Non-Pledge Continuing Students 13 -14
Undergraduates – Extended Campuses and Yavapai 14-15
Undergraduates – Extended Campuses 13-14
Undergraduates – Extended Campus- Yavapai 13-14


Graduate Students

Graduate Budgets 14-15
Graduate Budgets 13-14

Summer Students

Summer Budgets 2014

Budgeting Tools

Use these budgeting tools to help manage your finances.