Secondary Education - Continuing Professional, Master of Education

With this degree, you’ll pursue additional course work in an academic area while strengthening your understanding of educational concepts in secondary education, elevating your teaching abilities and staying current in your field.

For this 36-credit hour program, you will take:

  • one course from: EDR 610, EDR 611, or EPS 525
  • EPS 605
  • three or four courses from: ECI 521, ECI 593, ECI 599, ECI 603, ECI 652, ECI 659, ECI 671, ECI 696, ETC 545, or other courses approved by your adviser
  • one course from: EDF 500, 630, 670, 671, 672, 673, or 677
  • one course from : ECI 666, ECI 675
  • nine to twelve credit hours in a content area commonly taught in the public schools or in endorsement courses in reading, special education, and technology
  • three credit hours of ECI 698 or six credit hours of ECI 699

Programs of Study

Below is a downloadable Program of Study.  This includes complete set of courses and other work that must be successfully completed before qualifying for a degree, diploma, or certificate.

The program of studies is the agreed-upon plan between you and your advisor on completing program requirements.

It is used as a verification document when you apply for graduation.

Your program of study will depend on the date you started.

Secondary Education - Continuing Professional, Master of Education - current

Academic Catalog Listing

See the NAU Academic Catalog for official details on this degree, including: 

  • Career opportunities for graduates with this degree
  • Admission requirements
  • Course listing
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Secondary Education - Continuing Professional, Master of Education