Early Childhood Education, Master of Education

We designed this program for teachers wishing to take their careers to the next level and develop skills in working with preschool and primary-level children. 

Available Emphasis Areas:

  • Early Childhood - Emphasis
  • Early Childhood Leadership - Emphasis
  • NCBT - Emphasis (National Board Certification Preparation)

Degree Information

The Early Childhood Education MEd-Continuing Professional degree is intended to enhance one’s skills through courses in teaching methods, curriculum, and related areas. It is particularly appropriate for those interested in refining theoretical bases, and those desiring a current research base for their practice.  Steeped in current professional teaching standards and content-rich, this degree enables the practitioner to refresh knowledge and reach new educational goals.

This thirty hour master’s program is available in three emphases and contains courses representative of multiple areas including: educational foundations, educational research, special education, educational psychology, and curriculum. Thesis option is available.

Programs of Study

Below is a downloadable Program of Study.  This includes complete set of courses and other work that must be successfully completed before qualifying for a degree, diploma, or certificate.

The program of studies is the agreed-upon plan between you and your advisor on completing program requirements.

It is used as a verification document when you apply for graduation.

Your program of study will depend on the date you started.

Early Childhood Education, Master of Education - Current

Academic Catalog Listing

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Early Childhood Education, Master of Education