How to apply

If you want to take courses online…

Follow the steps below to apply:

1. Contact an adviser for information and to be prequalified

Phone advising: 1-800-426-8315

Extended Campuses website 

2. Download the check-sheet and information packet for your program

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences:

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Speech-Language Sciences and Technology

3. Complete the health sciences program application

Available online or by mail.

4. Complete the university online application

This is for admission to the university and can be done online. (Requires a $25 fee to apply.)

5. Forward official transcripts from all schools

Undergraduate Admissions:
PO Box 4084
Flagstaff, AZ 86011

6. Receive confirmation letter from the health sciences coordinator

Upon admission, contact an adviser at 1-800-426-8315 to enroll in classes.