Instructional labs

Find information about lab class assignments, quizzes, and safety.

Most instructional labs are held in the Science Lab Facility, building 17.

CHM 130L and 230L are held in Chemistry building 20.

Chemistry stockroom

Chemistry building, room 214

Kurt Ristinen
Materials Handling Supervisor
Phone: 928-523-2651

General questions

John Nauman
Undergraduate Laboratory Program Director
Phone: 928-523-7051

Craig Asplund
Laboratory Manager
Phone: 928-523-1329

Chemistry lab resources

CHM 151L: General Chemistry Lab I 

CHM 152: General Chemistry Lab I  

CHM 235L: Organic Chemistry Lab I  

CHM 295/595: Lab Safety and Supervision 

Safety assignment 1 

General resources

Check your grades (CHM 151L-CHM 235L)

Department safety information 

Safety information (MSDS info and tutorial)

Department chemical hygiene plan 

Lab technique videos 

Lab performance contract 

Log in to lab evaluation 



Chemistry building
Building 20

Wettaw Biochemistry building
Building 88

Science lab facility
Building 17