ENG 105 or 205?

All students at Northern Arizona University are required to meet their composition requirement by taking English 105, Critical Reading and Writing in the University Community, before they graduate.

For more information about placement in composition courses or transfer credit, contact:

University Writing Program
PO Box 6032
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-6032
Phone: 928-523-6842
Fax: 928-523-0774

Substituting a transfer course

If you have completed prior coursework in composition that is equivalent to English 105 at Northern Arizona University, you can request to substitute that prior coursework for the required composition course. 

Placement into ENG 105

Advisers can direct you according to your preference and schedule, and students are placed into English 105, or prerequisites, according to the following standardized test scores:

Score     Class you are placed into

ACT at or below 16 
SAT at or below 330

Take ENG 105 AND ENG 107 during the same semester.  To register, please see your advisor or contact the Writing Programs office (Liberal Arts building, Room 303; 928-523-6842).

ACT at 17-29
SAT at 340-690

Take Eng 105*

Students wishing to challenge their placement may take an exam through the W.A. Franke College of Business Testing Center.

Students without ACT/SAT scores are required to take this exam. Students are placed according to the following standardized scores:

Eligible to enroll in: 


ENG 105 Completed

CLEP 60+ 
College Composition

Note: We do not accept the CLEP "College Composition Modular" test.

ENG 205*

AP/ENGLT or ENGLN/4.00-4.99

ENG 105


ENG 105 (any section) and ENG 107







*Tests taken with qualifying scores in this row will result in an additional 2 units of English credit. The additional 2 credits received for completing these tests will be applied to the student's record as a separate course (ENGCRD 2).

Advanced placement

An English Advanced Placement Test score of:
  • 3: grants no additional credit; students take English 105
  • 4: grants 3 credit hours; students take English 205
  • 5: grants 4 credit hours; students complete the Composition Requirement 

Transfer students

Students who transfer to Northern Arizona University who have completed English 101 and 102, or their equivalent, have satisfied the composition requirement.

These courses must be listed as equivalent within the Arizona state system.  If the courses are taken outside of Arizona, please see "substituting a transfer course" above.

Students who transfer to Northern Arizona University who have completed English 105 at Arizona State University will need to take English 205 at Northern Arizona University.  

Northern Arizona University students who complete English 105 and then transfer to University of Arizona or Arizona State University will be required to take English 102 to complete the composition requirement.

Northern Arizona University students who complete 105 and 205 satisfy the requirements of University of Arizona and Arizona State University.