Application Instructions

I. New Application Registration Page:

Important: Prior to beginning the application, please disable pop-ups and allow for cookies.

If using Internet Explorer be sure to turn on Compatibility View AFTER disabling your pop-up blockers:

  • See if the Compatibility View button Compatibility Button appears in the Address bar. (If you don't see the button, there's no need to turn on Compatibility View).
  • Tap or click the Compatibility View button Compatibility Button to display the site in Compatibility View.
    • While it is not a requirement that you supply us with your Social Security number, it is required if you wish to receive financial aid.
      • If your Social Security number begins with a zero please leave the field blank
    • ADDRESS INSTRUCTIONS – The system uses a unique process to enter your address, please enter information as it is requested; Zip code then street name then building number. If your address is not listed, you may manually enter it in the main screen by exiting the popup.
    • When entering your phone number please use the following format: XXX/XXX-XXXX.
    • The email you provide will be utilized to confirm your completed application and send critical information to complete your enrollment.

If you need assistance throughout the application process, please contact us at 1-888-628-2968.

II. Academic Data Selection Page:

  • Academic Career: Undergraduate is the only academic career available with this application.
  • Application Term: Please select the term in which you plan to enroll and begin classes at the University.
  • Campus: The Flagstaff Campus is the only campus available with this application.
  • Academic Program: Degree seeking students intend to complete a degree at the University. Non-degree students are those students wishing to take classes for personal enrichment and are not eligible for federal financial aid.
  • Admit Type Definitions:
    • First-Year students will enroll and begin classes after high school graduation or have graduated from high school and have not completed more than twelve (12) credit hours at a college, university or other accredited institution.
    • Transfer students have graduated from high school and have completed more than twelve (12) credit hours at any college, university or other accredited institution.
    • Non-degree students would like to study part-time and/or for personal enrichment. 2NAU applicants complete a non-degree application through
    • Post-Baccalaureate students are college graduates who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and would like to continue their undergraduate studies.
    • High School Concurrent students are high school students who wish to take courses while still in high school. If you are interested in this program please contact our office at 1-866-628-2968 before applying.
  • Academic Plan/Sub-Plan: Please indicate your academic plan or major for the campus and term you indicated. Some majors have emphasis areas or sub-plan area associated with your major.
  • Click “Save” and proceed to the next section.

III. Bio - Demo Information Page:

  • While it is not a requirement that you supply us with your social Security number, it is required if you wish to receive financial aid.
  • If you would like, please include additional phone numbers (cell, home, evening) and indicate which is preferred for contacting you. When entering your phone number please use the following format: XXX/XXX-XXXX.
  • Only one personal email address may be on file.  Do not enter other email addresses besides a personal email address.
  • Citizenship Information: If you are a legal US citizen, a naturalized citizen of the US or a lawful permanent resident please indicate your country of citizenship as USA and select the correct citizenship status from the menu to the right. Citizens born in the US are native citizens. If you do not fall under one of the categories listed above (i.e. US citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident) you will need to apply through the International Admissions Office (
  • Click “Save” and proceed to the next section

IV. High School and College Information Page:

If you will be graduating from high school before starting at the University, and/or have not yet completed 12 college credits after graduating from high school, please select your high school as the most recent school attended, even if you are attending another institution (dual-enrollment).

If you attended more than one high school, please select only the high school from which you will, or did, graduate.

To find your school, type the city and state where it is located and select search. If your school is not listed, select “Unknown” and the state.

Please tell us which courses you have taken, are currently taking, or plan to take during each year of high school by entering all course information.

  • By using the External Course Information section you will accurately enter your sixteen core courses and grades for us to reach an admissions decision. You will not need to submit your high school transcript at this time.
    • We will verify all courses and grades from your final high school transcript later in the enrollment process.
  • Use the drop down box to select the course name, if the course name does not appear, please select other. Do not use more than one course title per subject area.
  • If a course is planned or in-progress, please select “In Progress” as your grade.
  • Course Level allows you to indicate whether you are taking regular courses (high school), Advance Placement or Honors level courses.  This is a required field.
  • US History must be one of the courses entered for the Social Science section.
      • Click “Save” and proceed to the next section.

If your college course does not appear in our look up, please send your college transcript.

V. Veteran’s Benefits Page:

  • Indicate any affiliation with the military, veteran’s status or dependent of a veteran.
  • All sections are defaulted to “No” unless changed.
  • Please select an option from “Military/Veteran Affiliation.”
  • Click “Save” and proceed to the next section.

VI. Relationship Information Page:

  • Please enter the relationship information for parent(s)/guardian(s). If you are an independent student, please enter another family member.
  • Up to six people can be added.
  • Click “Save” and proceed to the next section.

VII. Ethnicity Page:

  • Information on this page is not required and will not affect your admission.
  • If you answer the first question the second question is required too.
  • Click “Save” and proceed to the next section.

VIII. Test Information Page:

  • Scores from either the ACT or SAT are required for you to be considered for most merit scholarships.
  • If you have taken either test, please enter the score(s) you have already received, regardless if you plan to retake the test(s).
  • Please indicate if you are planning to take the ACT and/or SAT if you have not already.
  • If you plan on retaking the ACT and/or SAT, please provide the scores you have received and send us the new scores directly from ACT or the College Board when they are available.
  • Do not report both a taken and a planned test.  You can enter a planned test date or an already taken test date.
  • Official test scores will need to be sent directly from ACT or SAT. Our school codes are: ACT 0086 and SAT: 4006.
  • Click “Save” and proceed to the next section.

IX. Residency Page:

  • Incomplete information on this page will result in non-resident classification.
  • Information regarding Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) residency classifications can be found using the link at the top of the page.

X. Passport/Visa Information:

  • Please do not complete this page if you are a US citizen.
  • If you are a permanent resident, enter USA as your country and enter Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) for Visa/Permit Type.
  • The information about your resident card is also required.
  • Click “Save” and proceed to the next section.

XI. Emergency Contact Page:

  • Please enter at least one emergency contact’s name and contact information.
  • Do not use any characters (i.e. (apostrophes, hyphens) other than letters and spaces.
  • Click “Save” and proceed to the next section.Please select “Yes” or “No” for the questions listed.

XII. Supplemental Questions Page:

  • The first three questions are required.
  • Click “Save” and proceed to the next section.

XIII. Certification Statement Page:

  • Please select “Yes, I accept.”
  • Click “Pay Fee.”
  • Failure to fill out all the sections as instructed above will result in the following message: Error while Submitting the Application.  Please check for all required data. (10001, 164)

XIV. Payment Page:

  • Enter your payment type: credit or e-check or enter a valid waiver code.
  • Valid payments will process immediately. 
  • Your application will not submit unless you pay the $25 application fee or enter the waiver code.
  • Upon submission, you will receive an auto-generated email acknowledging your application.  Please retain this message for your records. 
  • You may log into your LOUIE account to view your application status:

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