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NAU brand story

Our brand is what we do, who we are, and what we promise.

Our brand

The NAU brand is a compilation of our accomplishments, our goals, and our identity, which evolves with our vision: we lead the way to a better Arizona and a sustainable world through a personalized approach to students, supported by scholarly excellence, and emphasis on teaching and a commitment to put the student at the center of everything that we do.

What we do

We deliver a superior educational experience that is tailored to the needs of the individual student in an environment that is supportive, inclusive, and diverse.

Who we are

In Flagstaff, at campuses across Arizona, and through NAU Online, we are one university committed to student success, access, and excellence, underpinned by a commitment to our core values.

What we promise

NAU helps students achieve their goals by providing a supportive learning environment—with expert and accessible faculty—that delivers a student-centric learning experience.

Bringing the brand to life

Woman passes out cookies during NAU Giving Day

The NAU brand promise is “find your passion, build your life,” and is underpinned by three key sub-themes: the concept of discovery, both of yourself and the world around you; the idea that we provide a personalized, tailored, and student-centric approach to education; and finally, the premise that wherever you engage with us, we will provide a superior learning environment—and it doesn’t have to be near a mountain.

Our brand consistently demonstrates our dedication to a student-centric experience that puts the student first and foremost in all that we do. Caring faculty members who are committed to teaching provide mentorship to our students and the university offers opportunities for research and community engagement that are unparalleled among our competitors. It promises that if a student brings their ambitions to Northern Arizona University, we will use our resources to help that student realize these ambitions, and prepare each one for a life of substance and achievement.