Blue Key Honor Society

Blue Key Honor Society is a unique premier honor society that recognizes upper-classmen at colleges and universities throughout the nation for exemplary achievement inside and outside the classroom. Blue Key revolves around leadership, service to the community, citizenship, moral character and integrity. 

Blue Key at Northern Arizona University, chartered in 1949, operates out of the Honors Program. Service activities and leadership opportunities keep this chapter sustainable and engaging. Blue Key hosts and organizes the Annual NAU Homecoming Parade annually. This event heightens campus spirit and is open to the entire campus and the Flagstaff community. Blue Key determines the homecoming parade theme and encourages wide participation by student organizations and other group of campus life. The goal is to show True Blue Pride! Theme titles of the homecoming parades in recent years include: "Once Upon a Time at NAU", "Cirque du NAU" and “Axe of Kindness.” The Blue Key chapter also participates in Adopt-A-Highway, and volunteers with organizations such as The Arboretum of Flagstaff and Flagstaff Family Food Center.

Active Members

Kaelyn Crawford - President

Johnathan Gil Salazar - Vice President, K-Sweetheart, Homecoming chair

Mimi Mbegbu - Secretary, Historian

Amber Guiza - Treasurer

Madison Kuyper - Community Service Chair

Allison Theisen - Chaplain

Nichole Bratsch - Social Chair

Christopher Simcox - Publicity and Correspondence Chair

Mimi Mbegbu - Historian

Richard Whittemore

Thuy Tran

Esar Divinagracia

Jorge Reyes

Jessica Borders

Sharon Ramirez

Keelin Robinson

Ariana Strick

Allison Denning

Emily Chandler

Membership criteria

Expectations and requirements for membership follow the guidelines set forth by the national chapter. Generally, members are expected to have at least Junior level status-- minimum 60 credits by the end of the semester they are inducted-- and a minimum 3.0 GPA. Membership is capped at 25 students and acceptance is based on qualities brought forth during the interview process. All available spaces are not required to be filled.
If you have any further questions, please contact President Gray.
* Taken from the National Chapter website