Goal 5


Ensure long term viability of the university

Example strategies:

  • Advocate for a stable state investment funding model based on the state funding 50% of resident student education costs
  • Optimize revenue streams by increasing grants and contracts, philanthropy, and auxiliary services revenue, while leveraging third party partnerships
  • Address priorities for capital projects and aging infrastructure
  • Promote efficient, effective, and accountable management of all operations and assets

Example strategies:

  • Invest in energy-efficient buildings and upgrades
  • Minimize environmental impact through reduced consumption and increased recycling and reuse
  • Offer outreach/education programs that support sustainable practices and are informed by our research programs

Example strategies:

  • Leverage technology to pursue cost containment and create process efficiencies
  • Implement effective data governance practices that foster opportunities for increased transparency and availability of quality and timely data and information
  • Promote the availability and accessibility of shared resources and services to improve effectiveness
  • Develop programs that deepen the university’s commitment to outstanding service and student success
  • Encourage an organizational culture of life-long learning

Example strategies:

  • Enhance recruitment outreach to diverse groups as those are defined by the Diversity Strategic Plan
  • Ensure equal access to opportunity for all employees
  • Provide dynamic and relevant leadership and professional development and opportunities to apply learning for faculty and staff
  • Identify target strategies and implement equitable, competitive salaries and fringe benefits that are market and merit based
  • Reinforce a campus culture that prioritizes physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing
  • Foster the understanding that everyone has a meaningful role in the advancement of the university
  • Provide recognition and reward mechanisms to encourage and implement changes that align with NAU’s university planning framework

Example strategies:

  • Implement Campus Safety Culture Plan at all levels of the institution
  • Reinforce outreach, training, and programs to promote compliance, health, wellness, and safety
  • Develop and implement programs and processes that increasingly incorporate safety into the NAU culture

Example strategies:

  • Strategically invest in facilities and infrastructure to enhance learning and collaboration for students, faculty, and staff
  • Ensure research, discovery, creative, and performance facilities are appropriate for increased activity
  • Provide living-learning residential, dining, recreation, fitness, and health care facilities to complement students’ academic experience
  • Provide universally designed, accessible, and safe learning, working, and living spaces

How we measure success

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Being good stewards of NAU’s future means that we can continue to provide an education that empowers, deliver research that enlightens, and generate progress that expands opportunities for the people of Arizona and beyond.