Online summer math and comp tutoring begins Monday, May 15th.  ECO201 and BIO181 online tutoring start Monday, June 5th

In-person summer math tutoring begins Monday, June 5th.  Drop in for help with MAT 136, 137, 238, 239 & STA270 M-Th 10:30-3:30pm at the North Academic Success Center.  

Looking for help in another course? An Academic Mentor or the Learning Specialist can support your success this summer.  

If  you’re having trouble with a class, don’t give up. Our tutors are here to help you get through the semester with a good grade. You can do this; we are just here to help.  We offer free online and in-person tutoring for a variety of classes. Our tutors combine experience and knowledge with a comfortable one-on-one study environment. 

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