Retiree Service & Support

Available To: Faculty, Staff

Qualified retirees can maintain their email access through NAU for professional and personal use.

Retirees are responsible for any FERPA protected data in their email account upon retirement. ITS recommends that all retirees remove any FERPA protected data upon retirement.

Retiree Support

ITS is not responsible for support, training or troubleshooting, on any personal or public hardware, software (Microsoft Office, Email Clients), or networks. Email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail or Thunderbird are not supported but ITS does provided limited support for the web access of the NAU Exchange email environment.


Email eligibility is based on being fully vested in one of the primary retirement plans (ASRS, PSPRS, ORP). Eligibility for NAU retiree affiliate email accounts will be determined by a Human Resources representative.

Individuals on long term medical disability status from NAU, regardless of age, are also eligible.

Faculty emeriti do not have to fill out this form to keep their NAU Exchange Email.

How to Request

In order to maintain your email after you retiree you must contact Human Resources and fill out the Retiree Email Services Application Form.

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