Program Logon & Registration

 AzEIP Program registration applies to the AzEIP Service Providing Agencies (DDD, ASDB, and AzEIP Team-Based Model programs), including their employees, contractors, and subcontractors, within the following core team disiplines; DSI, SC, PT, OT, SLP. 

Independent contractors providing services to AzEIP-eligible children within these agencies must register as a program and as an individual.

The registration process:

  • validates the program’s or provider’s involvement with early intervention,
  • assists AzEIP in disseminating timely information to programs and providers,
  • provides information about Arizona’s early intervention workforce.

Program Managers or Representatives: programs must be registered and updated twice a year:

  • between October 1 and October 31
  • between April1 and April 30
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