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Charles Hammersley

Charles H. Hammersley, Ph.D.


Geography, Planning, and Recreation
Parks and Recreation Management Program

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Teaching Philosophy

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The role of a teacher is to enable his or her students to develop their maximum human potential. This means guiding the students to new insights and understanding through personal and professional environments. It means facilitating students' interests, needs, and desires in and out of the classroom setting and challenging students to explore possibilities and opportunities for growth and development in their lives. This can be accomplished if we are willing to identify the growth potential of each student and relate to them as individuals with unique qualities, skills, and abilities. The accelerating rate of change and diversity in our society requires a committed and dedicated faculty to assist students in preparing for their future. This preparation is based on the student's ability to communicate clearly and effectively in oral, written, and technological forms. It requires that students be able to discuss contemporary problems and issues that face their local and global community. The greatest challenge for our profession is not only to teach content, but critical thinking skills. We cannot hope to disseminate all the knowledge necessary to develop a competent individual in the 21st century. But we can guide each student in identifying and thriving on change as an integral part of the education and future. Then we will have accomplished our greatest goal, preparing students for a challenging and satisfying personal professional life.