Master of Science in Applied Geospatial Sciences

Both thesis and non-thesis degree plans are available on campus and fully online. This degree is for you if you want to pursue a career in:

  • community development
  • cultural geography and geodesign
  • environmental systems
  • geographic information systems (GIS)
  • land management
  • physical geography
  • recreation management
  • geospatial technologies
  • urban and regional planning

Degree details

Go to the NAU academic catalog for more details on courses and degree information. (In the Search Degrees box, enter "ms geospatial".)

More Questions?

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for MS Graduate Applicants. 

Online program

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The MS Applied Geospatial Sciences degree program is available in a fully online format. In addition to the requirements above, as a distance learning student, you must:

  1. Choose the practicum option; the thesis option is strongly discouraged for online students.
  2. Carefully construct a program of study based on the more limited range of online courses that are available - please note that you may be required to take courses outside of the GRP department.

How to Apply

To apply for the MS Applied Geospatial Sciences graduate degree program:


  1. Write a Statement of Interest to the department in which you explain: Why do you want to pursue the MS degree? What particular focus do you intend to pursue?
  2. Identify a potential MS Advisor (see list here) and send that person your Statement of Interest (may be a draft copy) to see if they might be able to take you on as an advisee. Repeat with other faculty members, if necessary.
  3. Contact three people to get their agreement to serve as references for your application.
  4. Obtain a digital copy (pdf works good) copy of your previous college transcripts.  
  5. Complete the application form on the Graduate College website; include (i) your Statement of Interest; (ii) the scanned or pdf copy of your previous college transcripts; (iii) department advisor information, if available; and (iv) information on your references. Your references will receive an email with instructions on how to submit their letter to the NAU website. You can periodically check the NAU website to make sure that all references have been submitted.
  6. If not included in the application, please tell the GPR Gradate Programs Coordinator by email which faculty member has agreed to be your advisor. 


Please see our Graduate Programs Application FAQ for additional information.