Is the Ethnic Studies Program right for you?

  1. Did you know that the 1776 Declaration of Independence refers to Native Americans and that one of the grievances against Britain was that they recognized Native tribes as "sovereign nations" but refused to grant American colonists the same status?
  2. Do you know the difference between a "Chicano" and a "Hispanic"?
  3. Do you know the name of the union leader to call for the original grape strike in California in 1965?
  4. President Barack Obama was raised by his "white" grandparents and mother from Kansas--is he, therefore, "half-white," or "half-black"?
  5. Is "Intersectionality" the study of roads and geography, or the multimodal assessment of race, class, gender, and sexuality?

Are you interested in the correct answers to these questions?

Then you should consider Ethnic Studies!