Lisa Tichavsky

Lisa  Tichavsky Senior Lecturer
Northern Arizona University
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Blg SBS Castro Rm #311
Phone: 928-523-3038


  • Gender and Crime
  • Family Violence
  • Homicide
  • Violence and Terrorism
  • Family Law and Courts


PhD  Sociology North Carolina State University, (Concentration in Criminology & Family)
MS   Sociology North Carolina State University
BS   Psychology Arizona State University
BA   Sociology Arizona State University

Academic Interests and Affiliations

Broadly, I am interested in all forms of violence, especially homicide, terrorism, violence within families, the justice system's response to family conflict. I also research juvenile delinquency prevention. Recent research has focused on the effect of mandatory and preferred arrest laws on juvenile arrests in cases of family assaults, the effectiveness of gender responsive programs for youth in detention, homicide, pedagogy, and state adoption of mandatory arrest legislation. 

I have conducted research as part of a collaborative team between NCSU and the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) that examined recidivism of men paroled after serving time for homicide. I've also been part of a research team examining the evidence for effectiveness of gender responsive prevention and intervention programs for youths, which was a result of our research conducted at the Girls’ Study Group at RTI International. Recently, our research team completed an investigation of the effectiveness of a gender-responsive program used in the juvenile correctional facilities in the state of Connecticut.

Recent publications

Tichavsky, Lisa P.; Hunt, Andrea N.; Driscoll, Adam; and Jicha, Karl (2015) "“It’s Just Nice Having a Real Teacher”: Student Perceptions of Online versus Face-to-Face Instruction," International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Vol. 9: No. 2, Article 2. Available at:

Day, Jacob, Margaret A. Zahn, and Lisa Tichavsky. 2015. “What Works for Whom? The Effects of Gender Responsive Programming on Girls and Boys in Secure Detention.” Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 52(1): 93-129. DOI: 10.1177/0022427814538033.

Leim, Marieke, Margaret A. Zahn, and Lisa Tichavsky. 2014. “Criminal Recidivism among Homicide Offenders.” Journal of Interpersonal Violence 29(14):2630-2651.

Strom, Kevin J., Tara D. Warner, Lisa Tichavsky, and Margaret A. Zahn. 2014. "Policing Juveniles: Domestic Violence Arrest Policies, Gender, and Police Response to Child–Parent Violence." Crime & Delinquency 60(3):427-50.

Driscoll, Adam, Karl Jicha, Andrea Hunt, Lisa Tichavsky, and Gretchen Thompson. 2012. “Can Online Courses Deliver In-class Results? A Comparison of Student Performance and Satisfaction in an Online versus a Face-to-face Introductory Sociology Course.” Teaching Sociology 40(4):312-331.

Zahn, Margaret A., Jacob Day, Sharon Mihalic, and Lisa Tichavsky. 2009. “Determining What Works for Girls in the Juvenile Justice System: A Summary of Evaluation Evidence.” Crime and Delinquency 55(2):266-293