Dana Oden-Stiglitz

Dana Oden-Stiglitz Instructor
Northern Arizona University
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Blg 65 Rm #SBS 318
Phone: 928-523-4047


  • Criminal psychology
  • Public perceptions of crime
  • crime and the media

Teaching Interests and Experience:

I have taught online courses at NAU for 5 years now. I emphasize writing and critical thought/analysis in my classes. I believe that it is essential for students to think about not only the subject matter of the course, but also why they have chosen to take the course in the first place. It is my hope that all students finish their courses with a greater overall understanding of criminal justice as it relates to the "real world", rather than merely memorizing a series of facts, so they may be fully prepared for their chosen careers. I have taught the following classes online: CCJ 101: Introduction to Crime and Justice, CCJ 215 (starting this semester): Media, Crime and Criminal Justice, CCJ 250: Criminology, CCJ 312: Environmental Crime, CCJ 340: White-Collar and Corporate Crime, CCJ 345w: Investigating Difference 

Recent Publications:

(2010). Public Perceptions of the Insanity Defense, unpublished thesis,  Applied Criminology and Criminal Justice, Northern Arizona University.