Phoebe Morgan

Phoebe Morgan Professor and Department Chair
Northern Arizona University
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Blg SBS Castro Rm #320
Phone: 928-523-8245


BS in Education, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill NC
MS in Justice Studies, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
PhD in Justice Studies, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ


Organizational Ombudsman Certificate, International Ombudsman Association
Basic Mediation Certificate (40 hours), Interaction Management Associates, Tempe, AZ
Organizational Mediation Certificate (30 hours), University of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR

Professional interests

  • women and the law--sexual harassment 
  • informal dispute resolution, organizational mediation
  • research methods, alternative methodologies


I have 25 years of experience researching and publishing about sexual harassment. I have published research regarding sexual harassment complaint making, sexual harassment in male-dominated settings and more recently, globalization, transnational employment and sexual harassment policy. In addition to my scholarly work, I provide employers with sensitivity training and their attorneys with expert witness consultations. I have 8 years of experience researching and publishing on the topics of alternative dispute resolution and interpersonal conflict resolution. I have published and presented research on the impact of the ADR Movement on sexual harassment complaint making and the economics of ADR practice. I also provide conflict management training and dispute resolution consults to employers. I have 20 years of experience writing about and practicing such alternative forms of research methodologies as in-depth collaborative interviewing, ethnographic content analysis and visual data analysis.

Recent publications and presentations 

2016. "Sexual Harassment Is Still Violence Against Women" in Claire Renzetti's et al (ed.) The Sourcebook for Violence Against Women, 3rd Edition, Sage Publications.

2016. "Constructive Confrontation: A Workshop for Dealing with Broken Promises and Poor Performance," Northern Arizona Employee Day. 

2015. From Litigation to Mediation: Sexual Harassment in the 21st Century" in Michele Paludi et al (ed.) Sexual harassment in Educational and Work Settings." Praeger Press. 

2015.“Negotiating with Integrity: A Workshop for Finding Agreements That Fit Your Needs and Priorities,"University of Central Oklahoma’s Educators’ Leadership Academy