Robert T. Trotter, II, PhD

Robert T. Trotter, II Regents' Professor
Northern Arizona University
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  • medical anthropology
  • alcohol and drug addiction
  • corporate anthropology

Specialty areas:

  • medical anthropology
  • alcohol and drug addiction
  • corporate anthropology


Robert T. Trotter, II is an Arizona Regent’s Professor.  He currently has two strong research interests:

  • One in medical anthropology where he has research experience in cross-cultural issues in HIV prevention and intervention, cross cultural research on disabilities, and addiction studies, ethnomedicine (curanderismo), and migrant health in the US
  • The other research focus is corporate anthropology,including research on on cultural models of collaborative research systems, ethnographic explorations of manufacturing systems, reciprocity theory for modern companies and organizational use of network analysis.

Dr. Robert T. Trotter, II is an Arizona Regent's Professor in anthropology. He is a medical anthropologist with 25 years of experience in cross-cultural health issues ranging from traditional healing in Mexican American communities to alcohol, drug abuse and HIV prevention and intervention programs for minority groups in the US and in international settings.

In addition, he has spent the past 5 years doing research in corporate and business anthropology, resulting in a number of journal publications, a book, and a patent application. Dr. Trotter has more than 125 publications in scientific books and journals and has conducted research and policy studies for the National Institutes of Health, World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and General Motors Corporation.

He has a commitment to exploring new ethnographic research methods, research design, computer assisted ethnography, and international training in rapid ethnographic assessment, including the RARE and I-RARE programs for DHHS and CDC. His other strong interest is the area of research ethics. 

His publications include books and articles on Mexican American traditional healing, cross-cultural alcohol and drug studies, migrant farm worker health and education, prevention and intervention studies on HIV/AIDS, alcohol, and drug use, cross-cultural applicability research on disabilities and the international classification of disease, and community based research and collaboration. 

He is also an author on a pending patent "System and Model for Performance Value Based Collaborative Relationships" (GP-303794: 845OR-66).

Dr. Trotter has served as a member of Community Intervention Health and Behaviors review panel, NIH, DHHS; a member of the Data Safety Monitoring Board, National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Mental Health; and a member of the Methods Focus task force, Toward a Higher Level of Analysis, Progress and Promise in Research on Social and Cultural Dimensions of Health, NIH, Office of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Current research projects

Colorado Plateau Agricultural Origins Project

1) 2003- present Operating Ideal Plant culture in a greenfield car assembly plant: LDT General Motors Research and Development Laboratories.

2) 2001- present Understanding the Dynamics and Structure of GM R&D Center Partnerships. General Motors Research and Development Laboratories, Enterprise Systems Laboratories, Warren, MI. (Co-Investigator)

3) 2001-present GAP (Global AIDS Program) I.RARE (International Rapid Assessment, Response and Evaluation). Centers for Disease Control. Rapid Assessment Training, Brazil, Vietnam