Kerry F. Thompson, PhD

Kerry F. Thompson Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator
Northern Arizona University
Blg 70 Rm #1A
Phone: 928-523-0712


  • Colonialism
  • Federal Indian law and policy
  • Southwestern archaeology
  • Applied archaeology
  • Indigenous perspectives in anthropology & archaeology
  • Ethics in anthropology
  • American Indian identities
  • Lithic technology
  • education


  • PhD, University of Arizona (2009)
  • MA, Northern Arizona University (2002)
  • BA, Northern Arizona University (1998)


As a member and resident of the Navajo Nation my primary interests in archaeology and applied archaeology are those that intersect with social justice, inclusion, and equity issues for Native American people. I am particularly interested in the development of Indigenous perspectives in anthropology and archaeology, understanding current U.S. cultural resource management laws and policies from a federal Indian law perspective, and the archaeology of colonialism. I have worked on sites and lithic assemblages ranging from the Paleoindian to the late Pueblo II/early Pueblo III (twelfth century) periods in the American Southwest. I am also interested in the research potential of archaeological and anthropological archives pertaining to Indian land claims and the Indian Claims Commission.

My broader interests include American, Native American, and European crafts and craft industries, particularly as they relate to gender, gendered contexts, and gender ideologies. I am also interested in indigenous language revitalization, contemporary American Indian reservation and urban identities, and Native American education. Finally, I maintain an avid interest in dogs and dog domestication.


Thompson, Kerry F. and Ronald H. Towner

(In press) Navajo Archaeology and a Century of Alternative Navajo History. In Oxford Handbook of Southwestern Archaeology, edited by Barbara J. Mills and Severin Fowles. Oxford University Press, New York.

Thompson, Kerry F.

2011   The Navajo Nation, Diné Archaeologists, Diné Archaeology, and Diné Communities. Archaeologies: the Journal of the World Archaeological Congress 7(3):502-517.