Shawn Morton, PhD

Shawn Morton Lecturer
Northern Arizona University
Blg 70 Rm #247


  • Archaeology
  • Complex Societies/Civilizations
  • State Formation Processes
  • Social Networks and Communities
  • Urban & Landscape Theory and Analysis
  • Ancient Mesoamerica and the Caribbean (esp. Maya Area)


Ph.D. (2015) – Archaeology & Anthropology – University of Calgary
M.A. (2007) – Archaeology – University of Calgary
Hon. B.A. (2003) – Archaeology – Wilfrid Laurier University


I am an anthropological archaeologist interested in the development of early civilizations, particularly of the urban societies of the Maya Area.  Much of my work has focused on aspects of public performance and ritual within the ancient cityscape and broader landscape, including extensive work in the deep cave contexts of Belize.  I am also interested in modifying and applying techniques of analysis and modeling used in the study of modern urban contexts and exploring their utility in the ancient context.  I currently co-Direct an archaeological research project and associated fieldschool – the Central Belize Archaeological Survey (CBAS) project; -- focused on the ancient city of Tipan Chen Uitz.

At present, my favorite color is orange… no, green… no, definitely orange, my favorite author is the late, great, Terry Pratchett, and I seem to have developed a minor obsession with Kenny Loggins.


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