Janina Fenigsen, PhD

Janina Fenigsen Senior Lecturer
Northern Arizona University
Blg 70 Rm #211
Phone: 928-523-2286

I am a sociocultural and linguistic anthropologist whose research and teaching interests include  race, language policy, linguistic heritage, health promotion, neoliberalism, and semiotics of emotion. What drew me to anthropology and sustains my interest in the field is its approach to inequality: as a practice, as a process, and a condition that, at times, we may help to alleviate. The need for such expertise seems particularly pressing as new forms of racial, ethnic, and class inequalities emerge from the processes of globalization and troubled economies.

My interest in race and ethnogenesis dates back to my research with the Roma in Poland. My ongoing research in Barbados and the West Indies focuses on the intersections of language relations with political economic changes, nation-building, heritage, and the shifting fault-lines of social inequality. My recent collaborative project with Dr. Jim Wilce (NAU) addresses new technologies of the self and their resulting transformations of human experience and subjectivity in the context of school violence prevention programs and of New Age emotion healing in Sedona, Arizona.

My courses offer survey, area, and topical perspectives in cultural and linguistic anthropology. I have taught anthropology of Europe, of the Caribbean, and of the United States. My courses include introduction to cultural and linguistic anthropology; anthropology of gender and emotion; fashion and consumption; religion, myth, and ritual; verbal arts; language, colonialism, and nationalism; ethnography of communication, and anthropological theory.