Scott Antes, MA

Scott Antes Senior Lecturer
Northern Arizona University
Blg 70 Rm #241


Scott Antes has a dual background in physical and cultural anthropology. Before becoming an anthropologist, he spent several decades in the corporate world as a mechanical design engineer and manager, a career that enabled him to work with people from Asia, Africa, the former Soviet Union, Central America and South America. During that time he also designed and built stringed musical instruments. He has been a long-time scholar of religions, as well as a performer, artist, photographer, and science fiction writer.

Like most anthropologists, he has an abundance of anthropological interests, including Indigenous North America, music in culture, religion in culture, human evolution and behavior, Imperial China, and Aboriginal Australia.

Scott Antes is a former president of the Southwest Anthropological Association, and currently is Faculty Advisor for the university’s Anthropology Club and an active atlatl enthusiast. He has been a university educator since 1996, teaching a variety of anthropology courses. He passionately regards anthropology as “just about the most interesting, exciting, and important subject any student—or educator—can experience.”