Student Resources


Need guidance with your next academic steps? The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences provides advising services to all SBS students.  


Learn about departmental and university-wide scholarships that you may be eligible for. 

Clubs and organizations

The Applied Indigenous Studies department has its own student club, CHEI (Connecting Higher Education Indigenously) and other ways to get involved.  


Connecting Higher Education Indigenously (CHEI) is a student organization dedicated to working with Indigenous communities not only in Arizona, but throughout the world. CHEI members also work to promote higher education for Indigenous students through a variety of activities and programs.

CHEI offers peer mentoring to Native American high school students exploring academic programs at Northern Arizona University, as well as to incoming NAU students. Students will have many opportunities to interact with CHEI members, to include attending CHEI meetings held in the Native American Cultural Center, and involvement in CHEI’s many academic, community, and social events.

To get involved contact the AIS department:

Social and Behavioral Sciences West
Bldg. 70, Room 100
Ph: 928-523-6624 

Native American Student Services (NASS)

More than 90 tribal affiliations make up the university’s student population. Native American Student Services provides culturally-sensitive support services to indigenous students.

Traditional Knowledge Scholars Program

In collaboration with AIS faculty mentors, the Traditional Knowledge Scholars (Elders) program offers culturally-based mentoring. The Traditional Knowledge Scholars Program provides assistance to all students with traditional knowledge for today’s world. The program strengthens our community within the university and with surrounding programs, organizations, and communities. The Elder's are located in Social and Behavioral Sciences West Building 70, Room 9.

The Elders offer:

  • support to many AIS students, especially when they are away from their families' cultural teachings
  • campus community presentations and lectures
  • field trips for AIS students to local cultural destinations and educational venues such as:
    • the Flagstaff Arboretum
    • the Museum of Northern Arizona
    • Hopi villages
    • Navajo Nation communities
    • participate in recruitment and retention efforts

Resource Room


The AIS department has a student resource room located in the Social and Behavioral Sciences West Building 70, Room 9. It is a place for students to study, relax, and mingle with other students and to obtain guidance from the Elders.