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Investing in NAU Research

How NAU Research Is Funded

Investing in research, one breakthrough at a time.

At any given time, hundreds of research projects are underway at NAU. Each project has a separate funding source, whether it be an extramural sponsor—such as a government agency, philanthropic foundation, or nonprofit organization—a private donor through Giving to NAU, a strategic partnership with a local or regional business, or NAU itself through the Faculty Grants Program and Scholarship and Creative Activity Grants.

Many projects are funded through the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) and the Technology Research Initiative Fund (TRIF).

Learn More About ABOR and TRIF

The impact our research projects have on the state’s economy extend far beyond Flagstaff, as they:

Stimulate entrepreneurship, innovation, and research and development to support Arizona’s knowledge-based economy.

Increase access to higher education to prepare a skilled workforce to meet the needs of Arizona’s expanding economy.

Promote research and development partnerships with businesses.

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