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Research enterprise

Who we are

The NAU Research Enterprise encompasses everyone at the university who conducts research—faculty and staff as well as undergraduates and graduate students working in NAU schools, colleges, centers, institutes, and programs.

We have a passion for discovery and a penchant for knowledge.

With our talented research faculty, 12 research centers and institutes, and the Office of the Vice President for Research leading the way, NAU’s Research Enterprise represents a broad range of people, facilities, and organizations committed to academic research excellence at the university.

Danielle Dillon and Loren Buck of the Center for Bioengineering Innovation.

World-class research faculty

Comprised of some of the best and brightest scientists from all over the world, NAU research faculty are committed to exploring our world and expanding our knowledge. From astrophysicists and climate scientists to bioinformaticians and geneticists, our talented research faculty are leaders in their fields. They bring their passion for discovery to their labs and their classrooms.


Research centers and institutes

At NAU, our faculty lead a broad range of initiatives, many of which have developed into university-wide centers or institutes that drive excellence in strategic areas of interdisciplinary research, such as the Pathogen and Microbiome Institute, the Center for Bioengineering Innovation, the Center for Ecosystem Science and Society, and the Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research.


Office of the Vice President for Research

The Office of the Vice President for Research provides leadership and support for campus-wide research efforts; advocates on behalf of research needs and resources; hosts research events; and maximizes the benefits of NAU’s research to the scholarly community.

Knowledge note

Regents’ Professor of Biology Paul Keim and his team at NAU’s Pathogen and Microbiome Institute are world-famous for their genetic and genomic research of diseases, including anthrax, cholera, and the plague.

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