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Areas of Emphasis

What We Study

At NAU, our desire and drive to understand the world around us have only grown as we’ve expanded our research emphasis across disciplines. Learn more about our research strengths and explore research opportunities.

NAU astronomer Chad Trujillo studies extreme objects that orbit the sun beyond the Kuiper Belt.

Reaching for the Stars

Flagstaff was the world’s first designated International Dark Sky Place, and we’ve helped our mountain city become an international focal point for exploring the stars with an astronomy and planetary science program that ranks among the country’s best.


Harnessing Emerging Technologies

NAU is addressing the demands of today’s rapidly changing digital world by developing new, critical areas of strength in emerging technologies aligned with big data, cybersecurity, informatics, and cyber systems to foster interdisciplinary collaboration.



Understanding Our Changing Environment

Northern Arizona is home to the largest ponderosa pine forest in the world, and we’ve tapped into the abundant natural resources of the region to build and environmental programs that are among the best in the nation, including forestry, ecology, sustainability, and climate science.


Improving Health Through Bioscience Research

With strengths in bioengineering and biosciences, genetics and genomics, and Native American health and wellness, NAU is working to develop solutions through its Health Research Initiatives as well as through an array of other research and academic efforts targeted at biomedical, translational, and community health research.