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The Benchmark sculpture, also referred to as "french fries" captured at sunset.

President’s Achievement Award

Recognizing the best of NAU

Each year, the president of Northern Arizona University awards special recognition to classified staff and service professionals to recognize outstanding performance.

Student and professor work in a lab at the Pathogen & Microbiome Institute, located on NAU's campus.

Nomination criteria

PHD students perform Carbone research in the forest.


Nomination process

1. Nominators

  • A Northern Arizona University employee can nominate another employee.
  • Using the guidelines on the nomination form, the nominator should state the ways the individual nominee meets the criteria.
  • Within the nomination form the nominator will be asked to provide the names and email addresses of a member of the nominees department as well as a cross-departmental contact who will be asked to fill out a reference survey based on their work with the nominee. The survey link will be sent to each reference once the nomination form is submitted. Both references must complete the survey for the nomination to be considered complete.
  • The screening committee will accept only one completed nomination form per nominated employee.
  • Any university employee may nominate candidates who meet the nomination criteria and eligibility listed above.

2. Deans, directors, and department heads

Deans, directors, and/or department heads review all nominations from their area.

3. Screening committee

The screening committee will comprise representatives of:

  • The President’s Office
  • Human Resources
  • Two members of the Staff Advisory Council
  • Winner from previous year

The screening committee will make recommendations to the president regarding employees they believe are most deserving of the award.

4. President

The president will review the recommendations of the screening committee and determine the final award recipients.


Award winners are announced in April. Recipients are awarded $2,000 and recognition by the president.


  • Nicole Christian
  • Katherine Look
  • Suzanna Martinez
  • McKenzie McLoughlin
  • Tommy Newsom III
  • Jaime Smith


  • José R. Díaz Aquino
  • Carly Banks
  • Dawn Birdsell
  • Marcelle Coder
  • Rebecca Malone-Little Owl
  • Jacob Matthews
  • Maria Saurer


  • Kerry Bennett
  • Carol Bolden
  • Hilda Chairez
  • Brad Miner
  • Kegan Remington
  • Sandi Smith
  • Stephanie Smith
  • Boshi Wang
  • Holly Wheeler
  • Arianne Yago


  • Cindy Chilcoat
  • Paula Logie
  • Sharon Lovich
  • Beverly Rodriguez
  • Lori Rubino-Hare
  • Gregg Schneider
  • Cynthia Summers


  • Shannon Bailey
  • Precilla Cox
  • Maria DeCabooter
  • Christy Draper Nations
  • Joseph Harting
  • Melissa Jurgensen-Armstrong
  • Matthew Tantau
  • Matt Kaplinski
  • Cheryl Miller


  • Krista Allen
  • Judy Amos
  • Kristine Bellmore
  • Christine Drake
  • Shelley Jones
  • Ellen Nymark
  • Matthew Tantau
  • Deanna Theiss
  • Marcia Warden


  • Julie Thurston
  • Dan Stoffel
  • Joey Ruiz
  • Karen Blalock
  • Kelly Weston
  • Mary Hager


  • Christine Baca
  • Christal Black
  • Troy Campbell
  • Joelle Clark
  • Tim Darby
  • Dana Middlebrook
  • Rhonda Powers
  • Marie Sather
  • Ed Smith
  • Mary Kate Wolter


  • Ryan Belnap
  • Megan Duskey
  • Toni Fox
  • Theresa Harmon
  • Cody Hodgeson
  • Pam Lynch-VanWyck
  • Stephanie McCarthy
  • Penny Medina
  • Margot Saltonstall
  • Javier Trejo-Sainz
  • Donna Zimmerman


  • Agnes Drogi
  • Patrick Fahey
  • Lisa Ganey
  • Wendy Garrison
  • Maria Jackson
  • Eileen Mahoney
  • Mansel A. Nelson
  • Rosemary Rudy
  • Melinda Treml
  • Shawna Whitehat