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President Cheng wishes the campus community a successful fall semester

July 9, 2020: President Cheng discusses NAUFlex

June 24, 2020: President Cheng introduces Jacks are Back

June 10, 2020: President Cheng on returning to campus this fall

May 21, 2020: Renowned pathogen expert Paul Keim discusses his team's far-reaching COVID-19 efforts

May 14, 2020: President Cheng and Josh Mackey share professional development opportunities

May 6, 2020: President Cheng reflects on the past academic year

April 29, 2020: President Cheng offers advice for finals week

April 22, 2020: President Cheng invites Jacks to give back for NAU Giving Day

April 15, 2020: NAU President addresses Class of 2020

April 8, 2020: NAU President shares highlights from across campus

April 1, 2020: NAU President Cheng offers tips on mental health

March 20, 2020: NAU presidential address regarding COVID-19