Satori Addressing System

 The Satori Addressing system can utilize your mailing label database and do the following: 

  • Verify addresses against the USPS National Address Database
  • Extend current Zip Codes to Zip+4 Codes
  • Check for Move updates
  • Delete duplicate addresses (on request)
  • Send separate address lists back to department detailing corrections to list and addresses not deliverable to.

Note: By processing your mailing database through the SmartMailer Addressing system you can reduce postage costs and receive faster delivery of your mailing.

The system operates by accessing your database information and verifying it against the National Address Database. The SmartMailer Addressing system will flag incomplete/incorrect addresses minimizing undeliverable mail. The system also automatically adds the Zip+4 code.  Contact Printing Services for address printing on your mail piece.

Database Specifications:

  • Database must be saved on an IBM or IBM compatible disk
  • The data base must be save in one of the following formats:
    1. Excel
    2. Text Comma Delimited
    3. Text Tab Delimited
  • Fields names must be identified and column widths identified
    1. Street, City, State and Zip Code must be in separate columns
    2. Company, Full Name, First Name, Last Name etc, can be in a combined column

Note: Please call Theresa Harmon at (928) 523-2882 for detailed instructions on how to send your database to the Production Mail Facility.