Mail Processing Schedule

All material for mailings should be delivered in separate containers with a completed job order form. Processing is on a first-come first-serve basis. Processing is also dependent upon the job size and type of job order.

USPS - All USPS mail must be delivered to the Production Mail Facility by 2:30 pm for same day processing. If it is a large volume of mail to go out, call 523-2480.

FedEx - All outgoing FedEx must be at NAU Postal Services by 1:30 pm

International - All outgoing International mail must be received at Production Mail Facility by 2:00 pm.

Note: Mail received from the On-campus delivery system pick-up will be processed the next day.

The following processing times are estimates and not a guarantee of actual processing time. Please contact Theresa Harmon 523-2882 for current processing information.

Standard Letter Size Mailings

200/500 - 2000 pcs - 1 day per process
2001 - 5000 pcs - 2 days per process
5001 - 10,000 pcs - 4 days per process


200/500 - 2000 pcs - 2 days per process
2001 - 5000 pcs - 4 days per process
5001 - 10,000 pcs - 8 days per process

Note: Inserting, and Tabbing are each separate processes.