Incoming Mail Information

 Mailbox Assignment Process:

  • If you live in one of the following halls, your USPS mail is managed by NAU Postal Services:  Allen, Bury, Campbell, Calderon Learning Community, Cowden, Gabaldon, Gillenwater, McConnell, McDonald, Mountain View, Morton, Peterson, Raymond, Reilly, Sechrist, Taylor, Tinsley, Wilson
  • As soon as a student receives their housing assignment, they are given a PO Box assignment.
  • You will receive your mail faster when the sender uses the format listed below. Postal Services cannot accept responsibility for the delivery of mis-addressed or insufficiently addressed mail.

Student Mail Addressing Format for all Delivery Carrier:

Your Full Name (No Nicknames)
Physical address of your residence hall + the number symbol (#) + Your PO Box number
Flagstaff AZ 86011


John Doe
123 Dorm Address #PO Box Number
Flagstaff AZ 86011

To find out what your physical address - go to:
To find out what your PO Box # is -  go to:

Note: USPS mail is delivered to your PO Box.  FedEx, UPS and DHL are delivered to the front desk at the hall you will be living at.