Correctly Addressing Mail

Capitalize everything using plain block letters. (No matter how legible your handwriting may be, machines have trouble reading script.)

Omit all punctuation in the address, except hyphenate for the ZIP+4Code.

Use the two-letter state abbreviations.

Use complete and correct ZIP Codes or ZIP+4 Codes.

Make sure that endorsements for special services are placed above the delivery address or below the return address.

Destination Address

Be sure to include:

Recipient's Full name (and/or company name, if applicable).

The Recipient's (whichever is most applicable)

  • Street address
  • Post office box number
  • Rural route number and box number
  • Highway contract route number and box number
  • For International mail include
  • The city or town
  • Province or state name
  • The foreign postal code
  • The country name in capital letters on the last line of the address.

Return Address

Include all the elements of the destination address. Place the return address in the upper left corner of the mail piece.