Security Roles


Types of security within PeopleSoft Financials:

  • End-User Security:  roles allow department users to process and or approve transactions within the system, including purchase requisitions, travel & expense claims, departmental journals and purchasing card reconciliation.
  • Administrative Security: roles are reserved for centralized processing areas, such as Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Budget Office, Post Award and Financial Accounting Services. Data stewards within the centralized processing areas should be contacted to request appropriate administrative roles.
  • Dynamically Assigned Security: roles are automatically assigned based on the user being setup elsewhere in the system or being granted other security roles. 
    • Purchasing Card  - based on being setup as a cardholder
    • Project Manager Approver – based on being setup as a grant or capital project manager (PM)
    • Department Approver – based on being setup as a department approver in the approval assignment table. 
    • NAU_ePro 10K Approver - based on being setup as a 10K approver in the approval assignment table.
    • View Only – access to view only pages automatically given to all users.

What access do I need? 

Processing Roles – roles enable users to initiate and modify documents such as requisitions, travel claims and departmental journal transfers.

These roles also grant users the ability to upload backup documentation to OnBase. If a user only needs to upload documentation to OnBase, the “NAU_FS View Only Trigger” role should be requested.



Role Name (Administrative Roles) 




NAU_PO ePro Requester

Purchasing requisition and receipts for DPT or PUR origins.

Create, Edit, Copy, View, Modify, Cancel, Check Budget, Submit



NAU_TE Travel Proxy Traveler

Travel and Expense Documents (Travel Authorization, Expense Report and Cash Advance)

Create, Edit, Copy, View, Modify, Cancel, Submit

Travel & Expense Processing 

NAU_GL Dept Journal Creator

Create Internal Departmental Transactions (IDT) journals

Create, Copy, Edit, Budget Check, Submit for Approval

Departmental Journal Processing 

NAU_FS View Only Trigger

Gives view access to the system if no other administrative roles are granted. Allows user to upload documents to OnBase. Once role has been granted, contact to request that user preferences be setup for individuals that will be accessing the Manage Requisition page.

 View only


NAU_GM End User

Gives user access to the Award Profile page in the Grants Module to view detailed award information

 View only



Gives user access to view the Budget Overview in the Grants Module for a specific project ID

 View Only


NAU_PO Reports


Gives users access to certain Purchasing related reports



NAU_PO Pcard Approver


Allows user to approve p-card transactions through the procurement card module

Add comments, change distribution and approve

P-Card Processing 

NAU_AM Search-print


Allows users to view and print asset details.  Normally, used by users involved with asset inventory.

Search and print reports


Workflow Approval Roles – Only request if either of the two needs below exist.  See workflow approval section for additional approval process information.

  1. Request for users whose departments wish to serve as a backup approver when regular approver is on vacation.
  2. Request "NAU_TE Travel Approver" role for supervisors who aren't already departmental or project approvers. This allows the user to approve expense reports for their direct reports when the direct report is also the department or project approver (system does not allow approvers to approve their own expense reports).
  3. Request if a department wishes to grant only one or two approval roles, but not all roles. Requesting one or two roles will remove the dynamic departmental approval role (all approvals) and will limit approval ability to just the roles requested (example: request the NAU_TE Travel Approver role if you only want user to approve travel transactions).

Role Name (Administrative Roles) 




NAU_PO ePro Approver

Purchasing Documents (requisition)

Approve, Deny, Hold, Budget Check

Approving Requisitions 

NAU_TE Travel Approver

Travel and Expense Documents (Travel Authorizations, Expense Report and Cash Advance)

Approve, Send Back, Hold, Deny, Budget Check

Approving Travel & Expense Documents 

NAU_GL Dept Journal Approver

Approve Internal Departmental Transactions (IDT) journals

Approve, Deny

 Approving Journals 

Please make sure approvers understand their responsibilities per Comptroller Policy CMP 203 – Fiscal Responsibilities 

How to add and remove security roles: 

Adding and Removing Access: All security requests can be made through the on-line ePASS request process.  This process is similar to the electronic Personnel Action Request forms(ePAR).  More information, including online training guides, can be found here

Workflow Approval Section 

Approval roles only give users access to transaction approval pages in the event a workflow approval request is routing to them. In order to receive workflow approval routing, the user must also be setup in workflow assignment tables. To avoid having to request both security access and workflow approval setup, departmental and project level approval roles are automatically assigned when a user is setup in the workflow assignment table, or in the case of project managers, in the project setup tables. To view the existing approval assignment table setup, run the Business Objects “PS Financials Approvers Listing” found under the Financial Management Reports> General Accounting folder. See the process for requesting approver setup below.

Multiple departmental approvers are allowed for departmental approvals.  If multiple approvers exist, only one approver is required to approve requisitions and departmental journals (first one to approve). However, all approvers are required to approve travel expense reports.  For that reason, departments may want to limit the number of departmental approvers to no more than two and use the vacation assignment process for additional backup approvers.

Departmental Approver Requests:
For new departments requested through the Budget Office (form), the department manager listed on the request form is setup as the departmental approver by default.  Departments may have multiple approvers for a department. To view a list of your department or project approvers, please see the 'PS Financials Approvers Listing' report in the Business Objects Public Folders > Financial Management > General Accounting folder.

To add or remove approvers for a department or departments, have the department manager listed on the department chartfield setup page: Set Up Financials/Supply Chain > Common Definitions > Design Chartfields > Define Values > Chartfield Values > Department send an e-mail request to their JFR. “If you have a question on who your JFR is, please contact the Budget Office representative assigned to your cabinet“ which we do have a link to on our Budget Office website ( To change the primary department manager on the department chartfield setup page complete the Department Manager ID Change Request Form.

  1. A brief description of why the additional approver is being added. For backup approval, the vacation assignment process is the preferred method (see description below).
  2. Name(s) of the user(s) and userid(s) of person(s) being added/removed from the assignment table.
  3. List of department numbers (7 digit deptid) to be added/removed for approval (attach list to e-mail if several departments are being added/removed).

    Project Manager Requests:
    For new grant projects, the principal investigator (PI) on the grant award is setup as the project manager by default. The PI may delegate his/her approval authority to another user by submitting a Signature Delegation form to the Post Award Office (box 4070).

    Vacation assignments:
    An approver may delegate his/her approval authority while they are on vacation or during a period of time they otherwise are unable to carry out their approval responsibility.  The only requirement is that the delegated approver has the appropriate approval security roles. To request vacation approval assignments, the approver simply needs to send an e-mail to ask-FAS@NAU.EDU requesting that their approval authority be reassigned along with the following information:  time period for the assignment (from/to dates) and the name and userid of the delegated approver.

    If a transaction has already routed to an approver who is unable to approve, the approver’s supervisor may request that the transaction be reassigned to another approver by sending a request to ask-FAS@NAU.EDU along with the transaction number and the name and userid of the delegated approver.