Visitor Parking

4438_pss_11152016 SF parking garage southside
San Fransisco Parking Garage

Welcome to our beautiful campus. We hope you enjoy your visit.



Year-round, a vehicle must display a valid permit to park on campus Monday through Thursday 7:30 am to 10 pm and on Fridays 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.

No permit is needed to park on Fridays after 4:30 pm, on weekends and on university recognized holidays in employee and commuter lots unless otherwise noted.

There are a number of parking options provided to our campus visitors. After parking, an efficient shuttle system is available for travelling across campus.

Short term parking options are as follows: (note a credit or debit card is needed to buy a permit) 

1.   Pay upon exit at a parking garage located on Knoles Drive or San Francisco Street {$2/hr; $10/day}.

2.   Pay-by-space for up to two hours in lot P16 (Union) or lot P45 (du Bois) {$3/hr for up to two hours}.

3.   Pay at a meter for up to two hours on Knoles Drive, lots P6 (South Beaver School), P42 (Business College), and P64 (Facility Services) {$3/hr for up to two hours}.

4.   Purchase a permit in lot P66 (Skydome) at Skydome kiosk and take the shuttle {$3/hr; $7/day}.

5.   Purchase an evening permit at a kiosk which is valid after 4:30 pm in any employee (E) lot that allows all permits after 4:30 pm or a commuter (NC or SC) lot {$4/evening}.

7. Pay by phone options are at lots P62, P64 and P66 (Pine Knoll Drive) for $3/hour and $5/two hours and after 4:30 PM at lot P13 (Cline Library) for $4/evening. Download the ParkMobile app, register online at ParkMobile or call 877- 727-5950 and set up an account before using this option. Each lot has its own ParkMobile code as follows: lot P66 is zone 4690; lot P62 is zone 4692; lot P64 is zone 4691 and lot P13 is zone 4693. 

 Kiosk at the entrance to campus on Riordan Road.

Online permits may be purchased at $7/day for lot 66 (Skydome) and printed from home or office by logging into "Manage My Parking" , creating a guest account and selecting "purchase permit." Print the temporary permit and display it so it is visible from the outside on the passenger side dashboard. 

Event Parking 

Community members attending campus events on Fridays after 4:30 pm and on the weekends a can park without a permit. Non-NAU affiliated community members (a non-affiliate is defined as an individual who is not a faculty, staff, student or affiliated employee) attending  registered evening events Monday through Thursday may register on line at "Manage My Parking" as a guest , call the Parking office at (928) 523-6623 to verify your account and then print a daily evening permits for lots P13(Cline Library) or P7A (Health and Learning Center) only. 

Government/Service vehicle 

A vehicle displaying a government license plate now requires a permit when conducting university business. 

Conference and Department (guest/visitor) parking 

University departments may order parking permits for guests. There are two types of permits: Departmental (valid for up to three consecutive days) or Conference (date and event specific). These permits are available through the Parking and Shuttle Services office and may not be given to university students, faculty or staff.


Anyone performing a construction or maintenance project on campus is not considered a visitor and must follow all parking rules and regulations. The contractor must work through their NAU representative or project manager to assess parking needs that will allow for parking permits to be issued.


Vendors to campus are required to display a valid parking permit. Vendor parking needs that cannot be met utilizing one of the short term options can be discussed by calling the Parking and Shuttle Services office..

Visitor Parking Map can be viewed here.