Instructional Leadership, emphasis: K-12 School Leadership (MEd)
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Student readiness

Learning Online

This self-paced course provides an orientation to online learning for students. This includes technical instruction in employing Bb Learn and time-management strategies that allow students to thrive in an online learning environment.

Course details and how to enroll

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The course is designed to take about two hours to complete, or approximately 30-45 minutes per module. Students engage in three modules that include:

  • What to expect as an online learner
  • How to be successful as an online learner
  • Bb Learn skills for the online learner

By the end of this course, students will have clear expectations for the online learning environment concerning:

  • typical time commitments for online courses
  • expected level of rigor in online classes
  • an awareness of the institutional resources available to online students at NAU
  • comprehension of the time-management skills required for successful online learning
  • navigation within Bb Learn course shells and why some online classrooms may look different

Learning Online Graduate Student Orientation

In consultation with campus partners, a revised version of the Learning Online @NAU content has been created specifically for graduate students.

Course details and how to enroll

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The course is designed to take the user no more than one hour to complete and provides guidance on:

  • academic expectations for online courses, including ABOR requirements for “expected hours of effort” per credit hour, minimum tech requirements for online learning, and netiquette
  • the NAU institutional resources available to online graduate students, including career services and financial assistance
  • strategies for more effective learning and study skills
  • how to navigate Bb Learn and use its component and integrated tools

The course includes two modules:

  1. Support Your Success as an Online Graduate Student, which covers institutional resources, the learning science behind effective study skills, and basic time and tech expectations for online learning.
  2. Build Your Bb Learn Skills for Online Courses, which covers the basic navigation and tools students are likely to encounter in Bb Learn course shells

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