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NAU Online recommends minimizing reliance on proctored exams in online courses. Alternatives to high stakes exams that you can do in online environments:

  • Forms of assessment that allow access to Google, the textbook, and other reference materials, but which require higher-order thinking skills rather than basic memorization, are preferable.
  • However, in cases where you feel a proctored exam is necessary, or where one is required by your accrediting body, you can adopt one of the following strategies. Please note that these options require that each student have a fast internet connection, a computer with a webcam, and a quiet place where they can be alone during the exam.

Proctoring services

The following two services are available for high-need situations. Students must no longer be charged for use of these services, even if that was previously the case. The cost of proctoring will be absorbed by the department, so you must obtain approval from your chair or director before adopting a proctoring service.

Honorlock (preferred option)

Honorlock: An online AI-enabled proctoring service that prompts an observer to drop in upon questionable activities by the student. This service can be set up in Bb Learn while creating a test. Other testing environments will require the assistance of the NAU LMS Help Desk.

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ProctorU (specialized use)

ProctorU: This service provides a live observer for the full duration of the exam. Use of ProctorU is reserved for specialized cases, such as exams that are prescribed by an accrediting body to be live monitored 100% of the time.

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