Welcome to the Nutritarian Women’s Health Study

The Nutritarian Women’s Health Study (NWHS) is a long term observational study on the effect of the nutritarian diet on the occurrence, recurrence, and progression of chronic diseases (including all forms of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke). 

Participants will receive periodic questionnaires to assess diet trends and health status.

This study is limited to US residents only.

Who are we looking for?

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Women over 18 who agree to participate in a research study that examines the effect of a nutrient dense, plant rich diet on a variety of lifestyle diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and many cancers, especially breast cancer. Chronic inflammation may be a root of many of these diseases, and this meal plan seeks to reduce inflammation, thereby assisting the body to function at an optimal level. 

Breast cancer strikes 1 in 8 women. Not only is this a devastating disease but one that may be preventable by initiating a healthier meal plan and lifestyle.

We can reduce cancer rates – 
breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer – 
by 90 percent or more by people adopting what I call a 


~ Joel Fuhrman, MD 


Watch the Introduction to the Nutritarian Women’s Health Study


Who can participate?

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  • Females only
  • Age 18 and over
  • Willing and able to make positive lifestyle changes that include a whole food, plant rich, nutrient dense diet.
  • Must have internet access
  • Willing and able to answer extensive questionnaires, submit blood samples (kits provided) and body measurements as requested and interact with researchers.

How does it work?

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Our website will provide all the information you need to register for the study. You will find introductory videos and references for the meal plan. You will have 30 days to complete the consent form, recommended readings and a short quiz. At that time, you will have the option to register for and consent to the full and ongoing study. 

Once you are registered for the full study, we will contact you on a regular basis with further information and annual questionnaires. Blood tests may be requested and in that case, you will be provided with the kits to complete these evaluations. 

This study is open ended and has no end point. We hope to follow women for many years to come. 

What does the diet include?

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The diet is based in a nutrient dense, plant rich meal plan, consisting of foods typically found at grocery stores: unlimited fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts. In addition, you will be advised to transition away from low nutrient processed foods and to use animal products discriminately. Nutrient dense diets, such as the dietary pattern used for this program, have been proven to be safe and effective in clinical applications and have been associated with: weight reduction, lipid management, diabetes management, reduction of chronic inflammation, perceptions of hunger, and overall health and longevity.

To begin, follow this Nutritarian checklist:
Enjoy Every Day…
  • A large salad including raw onion, cruciferous vegetables and tomatoes
  • At least ½ cup cooked beans or lentils in a salad, soup, or stew
  • At least 3 or more fresh fruits, especially berries, cherries, plums, or oranges
  • At least 1 ounce raw nuts and/or seeds (walnuts, hemp, flax, chia for Omega-3’s)
  • At least 2 servings of steamed greens with mushrooms and onions

Who are we:

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The Nutritional Research Foundation is a non-profit organization designed to support, encourage, and promote clinical research to evaluate the impact of a nutrient dense, plant rich diet and related nutritional interventions on chronic diseases such as autoimmune illnesses, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. This study is conducted in association with researchers from Northern Arizona University.

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