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NAUFlex ITS support

Flexible course design with teaching and learning technology that adapts to students needs

ITS is collaborating with NAU eLearning to bring state-of-the-art technical capabilities to all mediated classrooms. NAUFlex is based on innovative uses of technology that enable faculty and students to participate in classroom-based teaching and learning while enabling real-time participation.


  • Support students, faculty and staff in their transition into this new learning modality
  • Provide high quality education practices and learning environments
  • Utilize video collaboration platforms to create engaging and interactive learning wherever students are

Our technology

ITS Standard and Non-Standard Classrooms will receive simple, yet high-quality webcams and microphones to enable video conferencing, and allow for instruction to be conducted and consumed from any location. Additionally, document cameras will be wired to classroom PCs to allow for traditional whiteboarding practices to be transmitted to remote audiences more effectively, and interactive displays will be installed on all lecterns to enable digital annotation.

The following outlines equipment that ITS has tested and is prepping for implementation.

  • AVerMedia Live Streamer Cam 313
    • Adds simple hardware to enable audio and video recording/streaming
  • 18” OnStage gooseneck with flange mount and webcam thread adapter
    • Secures webcam to existing lecterns and allows for flexibility of webcam directionality
  • USB Connection for existing Lumens PS752 Document Camera
    • Adds ability to stream document camera image to remote users
  • ViewSonic TD2455 24” Interactive Display
    • Adds digital annotation capability for in person and remote learners

Supported video conferencing software

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is built into every Blackboard Learn course, and is the recommended videoconferencing tool for courses and virtual office hours. You can share your screen and applications, use a whiteboard, display your webcam and even break your students into breakout groups.


Zoom is an additional web conferencing tool that provides screen sharing, video conferencing, and related online conferencing functionality. This tool is fully functional on all platforms and is available to all members of the NAU community free of charge.

When Zoom updates are available, apply the update right away. These updates add new functionality and often fix security vulnerabilities.

Update April 1: Zoom changed a screen-sharing setting as a security precaution. Please view the Zoom article on screen sharing.

Update March 24: Automatic transcription now available!

Launch NAU Zoom

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Account options


  • All current NAU faculty and staff have Licensed accounts
  • Supports Single Sign On
  • Unlimited time for meetings
  • Webinar functionality is NOT available
  • Recording to NAU’s “Zoom Cloud” IS available
  • Supports up to 300 participants


Microsoft Teams

As a part of NAU’s license with Microsoft Office 365, all students, faculty, and staff can utilize this fast-growing, multi-purpose collaboration and communication tool for free.

Launch portal

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Training videos

Message from our CIO, Dr. Steven Burrell:

“ITS is re-prioritizing Technology Fee funds that are earmarked for computer upgrades and classroom improvements. The spend for NAUFlex is roughly equivalent to the annual investments made annually over the past five years in classroom and computer labs. Because of these prior investments in standardizing classroom technology, we can deploy NAUFlex capabilities to nearly every classroom, state-wide relatively quickly and inexpensively. While other institutions struggle to update their classrooms, NAU’s standardization and prior investment in modern classroom technologies, allows us to take advantage of the latest innovations in teaching and learning, and deploy NAUFlex to every mediated classroom quickly, affordably, and efficiently

Contact ITS Support

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General ITS inquiries:

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Know the rules

All NAU employees and students should read and be familiar with the Appropriate Use of IT Resources policy.

Information Technology Policy Manual

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