Evaluation 472X206

Evaluation Staff

NACP Evaluator

Kelly Laurila, MA

NACP Evaluation Research Coordinator

Laurie Rogers, MA

Specific Aims

  1. To initiate robust cancer research programs at NAU that will enhance career development of NAU faculty and introduce and train students the fundamentals of cancer research
  2. To create stable, long-term collaborations between NAU and UACC/UA in cancer research
  3. To improve the effectiveness of NAU and UACC/UA in conducting activities aimed at reducing the disparity in cancer incidence and mortality in American Indians in the Southwest

Evaluation Aims

  • Develop evaluation instruments based on milestones established and approved by NCI for each NACP core. Request subsequent review and approval of all instruments from respective core leaders/staff.
  • Develop and distribute planned timelines for all evaluation related data requests. 
  • Develop and maintain NACP evaluation databases for all cores.
  • Develop and deploy an annual partnership health questionnaire to NACP program participants.
  • Ongoing evaluation metric and process data collection (monthly, quarterly, annually, as requested).
  • Ongoing evaluation report writing and dissemination (monthly, quarterly, annually, as requested).
  • Hire and train a graduate student in program evaluation.
  • Compile and analyze evaluation data for annual NIH progress reports.
  • Compile and analyze core evaluation data as requested by NACP Principal Investigators for the purpose of grant writing and publications.