14th Biennial Conference of Science & Management on the Colorado Plateau & Southwest Region

Theme: Interdisciplinary Approaches & Solutions for Conserving the Southwest’s Land, Water, Biodiversity & Cultures

September 11-14, 2017
Northern Arizona University, High Country Conference Center

The 14th Biennial Conference is the preeminent forum for bringing together resource managers and research scientists to discuss findings and management needs associated with the Southwest’s natural and cultural resources. The conference, with an expected attendance of more than 500 participants, creates an important opportunity to identify possible responses to challenges such as climate change, energy development, and habitat alteration that negatively affect the natural and cultural landscapes of the Southwest. 

As the conference prepares to celebrate its 26th anniversary, conference organizers are committed to:

  1. including a wider range of disciplines and encouraging multidisciplinary approaches, 
  2. ensuring broad and diverse participation, and
  3. creating and expanding opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students to gain professional experience and build professional relationships.

Look forward to seeing you in September!