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One community, side by side

Devoted to student success and sustained by an unshakeable commitment to our shared mission, vision, and values, we thrive by combining our efforts and working together to further our culture of excellence.

One mission, one vision


Our academic programs, research, public service, and creative endeavors enrich lives and create opportunities in Arizona and beyond. We develop solutions to challenges and drive innovation in a supportive, inclusive, and diverse environment.


NAU leads the way to a better Arizona and a sustainable world through personalized attention to student success and scholarly excellence.


NAU’s core values connect us all, as we strive to live them daily.


Student centered

We place student success at the center of our academic and service planning, policies, and programs.

  • I contribute to a culture that promotes the success of every student.
  • I support an environment focused on student growth and learning.
  • I freely share my knowledge and expertise with students.
  • I see the potential of each student.


We partner with our communities to provide services and expertise to support Arizona, the nation, and the world.

  • I apply my expertise to support student success.
  • I contribute to my team with pride.
  • I pursue partnerships that strengthen our community.
  • I offer my strengths, skills, and knowledge to the betterment of all.


We operate with fairness, honesty, and the highest ethical standards.

  • I am honest and trustworthy in my interactions with all members of the university community.
  • I model my commitment to fairness.
  • I treat everyone with respect and sincerity.
  • I adhere to the highest ethical standards.


We engage in innovation to create, share, and apply new knowledge, scholarship, and artistry.

  • I actively seek new information, knowledge, and scholarship.
  • I embrace advances in technology and innovation.
  • I share knowledge and collaborate with others.
  • I challenge assumptions with critical inquiry.


We strengthen our community through diversity of cultures, experiences, and perspectives.

  • I honor all people.
  • I welcome and learn from diverse perspectives and experiences.
  • I believe in the cultural strength woven from a commitment to diversity.
  • I value knowledge gained through the lenses of many world views.


We commit to the highest quality in all endeavors.

  • I hold myself to the highest standards of my position.
  • I expect excellence from myself and others.
  • I choose to make every moment count.
  • I continuously learn, grow, and seek ways to improve.

2400-students talking with advisor



Each of us plays a role

In every division, unit, and team, NAU’s faculty and staff contribute to exceptional learning opportunities for our students. We are committed to provide them the best education, in the best place, at the best value.



2400-instructor in lab with students


Success: side by side

We work together to build on our strengths, and we succeed only when our students succeed. Student success inspires, encourages, and motivates us to explore new educational opportunities in Arizona and beyond.



2400-football game


NAU Strategic Plan goals

  • Goal 1: Student success and access
  • Goal 2: Research and discovery
  • Goal 3: Commitment to Native Americans
  • Goal 4: Engagement
  • Goal 5: Stewardship




Thank you

Thank you, NAU faculty and staff, for sustaining a culture of excellence, where students graduate ready to accept their responsibilities as global citizens.